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Our Painting and Decorating Services

We work within the Cambridge area providing all-aspect, high-quality decorating.

From first contact to final completion of a project, we strive to offer our customers unrivalled levels of service.

The breadth of service we can provide includes but is not limited to:

Interior painting. We only work with the best paints and use our knowledge to help you select the most appropriate paint for your needs. As Dulux Select Decorators, when we use Dulux paints our work is guaranteed for two years to give you peace of mind.

Wallpapering. If you have invested in wallpaper for your decorating project, it is very important to know that wallpaper is going to be hung properly. As anyone who has attempted to hang wallpaper themselves can verify, this is not an easy job and we recommend you leave it to professional painters and decorators!

Exterior painting and protection. People often underestimate the importance of applying protective coatings to the outside of their buildings. It is important to use the right products and to apply them properly. If you don't then you run the risk of your home suffering damage which always proves more costly to put right in the long run. Again, our knowledge and experience allows us to confidently select the right products and apply them properly. The Dulux Select Decorator accreditation also means that any project on which we use Dulux products comes with a two year guarantee for your peace of mind.

Window treatment including sash windows. The lifespan of windows can be seriously compromised if the right paint and protective treatments are not used on them. We know what the best products are and never compromise on quality, and we are proud to say that our painters and decorators are second to none when it comes to application and treatment.

Wood finishes



For examples of our painting and decorating services, please take a look at our Case studies.

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